Sarah's Specialties

Sarah's Specialties are items we always offer. Be sure to check out our samples below and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

  • Sarah's Seasonings
  • Water Bottle Wraps
  • Candy Bar Wraps
  • Raffle Tickets
  • Door Hangers
  • Bubble Bottle Wraps
  • 2-Sided Adhesive Sheets
  • Adhesive Dots

Sarah's Seasonings

Sarah's Seasonings is the result of years of seeking that unique blend of spices and grains that truly compliments every dish and not over power it. And now you can offer Sarah's Seasonings to your clients/guests with your own message right on the label. We will custom design a label for your unique occasion, company business, special event, announcement, fundraiser, etc. and even include your picture if you like at no additional charge. The border will be best color matched to your company colors, event or picture to blend right in!

You select "ORIGINAL" or "WITH A KICK" and we will do the rest. On custom wrapped bottles, orders must be in units of 10 bottle increments. Each unit of 10 MUST be of the same flavor. An order for 20 bottles however allows you to select 10 of the ORIGINAL and 10 of the WITH A KICK. The border color is of your choosing as well as the layout of the wrap ABOVE the product information in a matte finish.

Gourmet Seasoning - Original & With A Kick

One bottle with NO custom wrap is:  $3.65 each


Item Number: SS01-Original or SS02-With A Kick

One bottle with a custom wrap is:  $5.65 each   


Item Number: SSCW01-Original or SSCW02-With A Kick

10 bottles with a custom wrap is:  $27.50 (10 bottles) 


Item Number: SS10-Original or SS20-With A Kick


Please Note: For CUSTOM WRAPS you must order in units of 10 bottles, 10, 20, 30 etc. for your best buy. While you are unable to mix Original and With A Kick in a unit of 10, you may order 10 of each for a 20 bottle order.


Seasoning Label Samples...

Water Bottle Wraps

"Think Outside The Bottle!"
"Think Outside The Bottle!"

Our custom wraps come to you with a full adhesive backing making application quick and easy. The wraps are water resistant allowing you to place your wrapped bottles in the refrigerator to chill or in an ice bucket for customers or friends to enjoy. We suggest using a water bottle such as Nestle Pure Life's 16.9 oz which has a firm construction giving your finished bottle a true custom look and feel.

Are There Standard Wraps I can Select From?

99% of our work is custom, making your wrap unique to you. However, you may select from standard layouts we do have if you wish. The choice is yours! Consider adding a QR code to link the user to your favorite website, song or product/service that you are promoting. The choices are endless allowing you to use your imagination. Sounds like fun? It is and best of all Sarah makes it affordable with great prices and small runs.

Water Bottle Wraps Pricing

Minimum order:                                  Item Number

  21 water bottle wraps -     $15.00     WBW-021

  42 water bottle wraps -    $20.00     WBW-042

  84 water bottle wraps -    $28.00     WBW-084

100 water bottle wraps -     $33.00     WBW-100

250 water bottle wraps -     $82.00     WBW-250

300 water bottle wraps -    $101.00     WBW-300

500 water bottle wraps -    $145.00     WBW-500

Samples of Custom Labels...

Whatever Cards

2-Sided Postcards  (Full Color)

Cards are approximately 5-1/2" x 4-1/4"

Time is precious and you need postcards, invites, recipe cards, announcement cards, moving cards, open house cards, thank you cards- YOU NEED CARDS AND YOU NEED THEM NOW!

Whatever the need these 2-sided full color cards will do the trick and at prices that surprise even us!

Item Number

 12 Cards:    $    6.00     PC-012

 24 Cards:    $    7.80     PC-024

 52 Cards:    $  10.00     PC-052

 75 Cards:    $  12.00     PC-075

100 Cards:   $  14.00     PC-100

200 Cards:   $  20.00     PC-200

250 Cards:   $  25.00     PC-250

500 Cards:   $  40.00     PC-500

800 Cards:   $  63.00     PC-800

1,000 Cards: $ 76.00     PC-1000

Raffle Tickets

Have a fund raising event and in need of numbered raffle tickets? No problem. Give us a call and lets review the quantity you need and what you need on the ticket. Printed one side? Printed two sides? Pictures, etc. In a Rush? Been there - Done that! Give us a call, text or email us. We strive to keep our orders moving, so don't be surprised if you call late one evening and someone answers your call.We know what life is like and at times you need something. Don't wait-Call!!

Front Side:

Back Side:

Door Hangers

Yep, we have them and we can print your listing on it, coupons, you name it. Not sure how to lay it out? Not a problem, we'll do that at no charge. Printed one side or two. If you are in Clermont, FL there is no charge for delivery on door hangers. Sounds easy? You're right - it is with Sarah's Seasonings!

Front Side:

Back Side:

Candy Bar Wraps

How Sweet It Is! Compliment your custom water bottle wraps with our custom CANDY WRAPS. We can coordinate your colors, pics etc. if you would like to have the "finished" look to your event. Our candy wraps come to you with an adhesive strip on the back and printed on Gloss Presentation Paper for that perfect look! Take a standard chocolate candy bar and wrap over with your unique wrap. Your candy wrapper comes with an adhesive strip allowing you to transform your candy bars into something extra special. Merely remove the vinyl backing from the adhesive strip, wrap and you're done!

Candy Wraps Pricing

Minimum order:                                        Item Number

  20 to 50 candy wraps -     $ .85 each    CWHB-20.50

  51 to 100 candy wraps -   $ .80 each    CWHB-51.100

Candy Bar Wrap Samples...

Bubble Bottle Wraps

Those little bottles of bubbles are a lot of fun. But why not make them personal and really celebrate the occasion? We will custom print your wrap along with a picture if you like. As always, no charge for your picture and/or color layout.

Bubble Bottle Wraps

Minimum order:                                  Item Number

  60 bubble bottle wraps -    $12.00    BBW-060

  90 bubble bottle wraps -    $15.00    BBW-090

150 bubble bottle wraps -    $20.00    BBW-150

180 bubble bottle wraps -    $22.00    BBW-180

210 bubble bottle wraps -    $24.00    BBW-210

300 bubble bottle wraps -    $30.00    BBW-300

510 bubble bottle wraps -    $45.00    BBW-510

1,200 bubble bottle wraps - $77.00    BBW-1200

9" x 12" High Tack Double Sided Adhesive Sheets

Have a project that you are working on and need to add an adhesive backing to it? Making a special greeting card and need to adhere a picture or decorative item? Spray adhesives can be messy and difficult. Sarah's Seasonings now offers DOUBLE-SIDED ADHESIVE SHEETS to make your home or office project simple and effortless. The sheets come to you oversized, a full 9" x 12", so you can apply a 8-1/2" x 11" paper sheet, chipboard etc. with an adhesive backing end-to end.

You can even cut the size you need and save the rest for other projects. Merely remove the paper backing from one side, apply your item and press down. Then trim the excess and you are all set. Take your finished piece, remove the paper backing and apply your project item to wherever you would like.


Order as many sheets as you like. Keep a few on hand for those special projects or office displays that need an adhesive back when scotch tape just doesn't cut it!

Double-Sided Permanent Adhesive Sheets

Minimum order:

1 Sheet (Aprox. 9" x 12") - $1.50 each  

Item Number:  DSPAS-001

Adhesive Dots & Mini-Clothespins

3/8" Diameter Adhesive Dots
3/8" Diameter Adhesive Dots

Looking to add something extra special to your water bottles? Perhaps your business card, a decorative item, some personal bling or a picture? Looking to post a few things or doing some crafting around the home, office or school? These 3/8" diameter dots go on and are re-positionable and then become permanent. They are non-yellowing, acid free and easy to use. They come to you 20 dots per sheet and each dot is on a perforated square for ease of application. Buy one sheet or 100 sheets. No need to buy more then you need. 

Each Sheet of 20 Adhesive Dots -  $ .55

You asked for it and we have it! Mini-Wooden Clothespin holders to place your business card, sample, thank you card or brochure to your water bottles. Order as little or as many you need. These are real wood and metal clothespins only mini in size doing a big job. Go ahead, stand out at your next OPEN HOUSE, LUNCHEON, CONFERENCE or PERSONAL EVENT! (We suggest ordering our ADHESIVE DOTS to adhere your clothespins to your water bottles with ease.)

Mini-Wooden Clothespin - Each $ .20