About Us!

Yes, there really is a "Sarah" and she loves cooking the natural way. Not one to waste time, Sarah has found a way to turn simple dishes into gourmet ones for her family and friends. Now it's yours and your clients to enjoy as well with a unique blend of spices and grains making making your favorite dishes and/or fast foods "POP" with the flavor they were meant to have! (NO MSG or ANTI-CAKING AGENTS ADDED) 

    Looking to give Sarah's Seasonings as gifts? Now you can personalize each bottle for weddings, reunions, corporate functions etc. Since we do all our own in-house printing, we are able to offer our customers a cost effective means to purchase customized adhesive wraps for a variety of applications. That also includes our water bottle wraps, candy wraps, bookplates, wine wraps and more.


From Seasonings to Wraps and more...


Sarah wanted a simple seasoning to wake up the flavors in all types of dishes and one that is truly versatile. After tinkering with numerous combinations she finally found the one that did the trick and naturally. As individuals found her unique seasoning, many wanted to use it as gifts, favors, tokens of good will and so custom wraps came along. From that, our customers asked wraps for water bottles, candy, bubble bottles, bookplate stickers, wine wraps, labels etc.


As much of our printing is done in-house, we are able to keep the prices affordable and fit any budget. We also are able to do small runs on a variety of printed paper items which means anyone can now afford the "custom" look without the custom price!